Welcome to String Automation Pvt. Ltd.

Who We Are

We are bunch of highly qualified professionals having experience of decades in respective fields. We all have shaken hands to be the leading solution provider to Manufacturing Industry, Educational Sector, Corporate Sector and Clubs etc. We have many years of experience behind us. Our experts are always available to quickly provide you after sale support.

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What We Do

We identify the needs of our esteemed clients and give technical touch to them. We also look for world class leaders of different technologies and introduce then to Indian market and vice versa.

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Why Choose Us

As we all know that technologies mature with age we inculcate different ideas of our clients in our existing technologies. Our clients reap more benefits from our technologies as compare to our competitors products. We also believe that our clients should govern the technology and not being govern by technology.

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Only Almighty God is Perfect, We all are moving toward perfection. Basic Principal of String Automation Private Limited is to make team with God and God as Captain. String Automation Private Limited plays the game of business as God wants. We explore world of technologies. We combine different existing technologies and bring out new products with the blessings of God.

Narinder Singh
Director String Automation